Don Schaible


As a retired state trooper, and active sports official, I was experiencing severe pain in my shoulder joint that was interrupting my sleep and causing major discomfort. On the recommendation of another doctor I was seeing, I set up a consultation with Dr. Toman. It was agreed that a total shoulder replacement was necessary due to degeneration in the socket. Dr Toman explained the extent of the surgery and advised that an extended period of rehab would be necessary. He answered all the questions that I had and was above board on the pain that I would experience and the results that would be obtained by the procedure. It has been a month since the operation and I will be starting my physical therapy next week with the in-house therapist. I am looking forward to the end results. It was tough wearing the sling for a month, and there were some sleepless nights, but I am thrilled with the entire experience with Dr. Toman and his excellent staff. They are all professional but at the same time very approachable. Much thanks.