Dorothy V. Hoyt


In the middle of July 2010 I had an unfortunate fall which resulted in the dislocation of my right shoulder. I was taken to the Portsmouth, NH Hospital where the shoulder was reset. About 12 weeks later the shoulder was still very uncomfortable and it was decided to have further x-rays and MRI which revealed the rotator cuff to be torn. In view of the fact that I would be returning to Florida I decided to have the surgery performed here in Punta Gorda. I consulted with my Primary Care Physician, Dr. Juan Rivera who recommended Dr. Charles Toman for the surgical procedure. An appointment was made for the examination and scheduled surgery. I was very impressed with Dr. Toman. The surgery went very well with no problems or complications. After (6) six weeks in a special sling and a total of 12 weeks therapy both at home and at the therapy office I was discharged. My shoulder is almost 100% back to normal and I continue to improve with the prescribed regimen of therapy. I credit Dr. Toman with this remarkable surgery and would highly recommend his services and expertise to anyone that might inquire of me.