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mary onstott.

mary onstott.

mary onstott.

I was referred to Dr. Toman by my family physican with a torn meniscus. I was in severe pain. His office got me in within 3 days and surgery was scheduled immediately. The treatment I received by Dr. Toman’s staff, as well as in Fawcett hospital was better than excellent. It was superb.

Following surgery I was walking the next day. I was very surprised. I expected to be a few days before beginning to get up on my feet again.

Dr. Toman referred me for PT following my surgery. The Physical Therapy I received following surgery was also excellent. The PT staff was accommodating, considerate and kind. I recovered so quickly I only needed to receive PT for two weeks.

Both arriving and departing Dr. Toman’s care was a medical experience far beyond the usual doctor/patient care.

I have run into two of Dr. Toman’s patients and they also have had nothing but highly respectful and above satisfactory things to say about Toman.

Dr. Toman is a marvelous person, as well as physician and surgeon. I highly recommend him for any orthopedic care you might need.