Patient Testimonials

Barbara K Murphy.


I have been an RN for 37 years, and have certainly seen many physicians, in my nursing practice as well as for my personal needs. My first visit to Dr. Toman was for a second opinion on a total knee replacement that was performed by an orthopdedic surgeon in Port Charlotte. Dr. Toman was straight forward on my options, and stated that he could perform a procedure to help with the limited range of motion that I was still having. He also let me kmow that I might not have as much flexion as I currently had. I opted to not have any surgery. As Murphy’s Law would have it, I was having difficulty sleeping, with an intense pain in my left armpit. I saw Dr. Toman, again, and the MRI showed a torn rotator cuff. This was not my first rodeo with this shoulder. I had had the cuff repaired 7 years ago. The procedure was performed on 10/24/12. To date I am 12 weeks post op, have not had any pain for almost 4 weeks and am returning back to work, with no limitations, on 1/21/13. Dr. Toman and his staff are the most professional and caring people that I have had the pleasure of working with. I would not hesitate to have him perform any and all procedures on me in the future, if the need arises. Thank you, Dr. Toman, for giving me back a pain free shoulder!!!

Dennis Carey.


Dr.Toman repaired my torn tendon in my elbow. Its never been better. The scars are hardly visible, plastic surgeon quality. Excellent bedside manner. I would highly recommend Dr.Toman for any future care.

Jane T, Adams.


Dr. Toman asessed my very complicated shoulder injury, scheduled surgery and immediately changed the direction of my life. He is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and compassionate. Dr. Toman listens, gives options and follows through. Not only is he my awesome orthopedic surgeon, he is my special friend. Using his medical expertise he makes a difference where ever he practices. How fortunate I am to have him as my physician!

J Vredevoogd.


I had rotator cuff surgery in Sept. At 12 weeks I am at 90 percent. The care I received was wonderful. Dr.Toman has strict protocol that, if followed, assures success.

Richard Bliven.


It is now six months from my full right (Zimmer) anterior hip replacement. I now have no pain, no limp and feel ten years younger. I only wish I had it earlier. The hardest part of the recovery was trying to sleep on my back and getting over the initial medication (2 weeks).
I was very impressed by the procedures used and that special orders had been given to the Staff and other Dr’s at the Hospital to do things as per Dr Toman’s instructions.
In conclusion, I have full confidence in Dr Toman and will use him for any additional surgical procedures and would recommend him without equivication.

Elaine grippi.


Following a grious automobile accident rendering me without function of my right arm, I was filled with despair. Dr. Toman gave me hope and calmed my fears. He then performed a truly miraculous (extensive) surgery on my severely injured shoulder. He is a caring extremely efficient surgeon, who never ceased to amaze me with his confidence that he would do everything he could to return the function of my right arm. With his expertise, it became a reality.
He is truly an exemplary doctor who excels in his field of specialty and I am forever grateful.
Sincerely Elaine Gripp ( Punta Gorda Florida )

Myra-Ann Flood.


After a serious car accident, Dr Toman performed surgery on my left leg. Shortly after the accident, several doctors questioned whether I would be able to keep the leg. Under Dr Toman’s care and two surgical procedures, I am healing. I am starting to walk again and look to complete the healing process with full use of my leg! Thank you and God Bless you Dr Toman.

Oke Thorngren.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Toman for the excellent job performance on my rotator cuff surgery. When I first saw Dr. Toman, he took the time to sit down and explain to me what needed to be done and how the surgery would correct it. At the time, my pain level was high. Today it is non-existent. I left feeling that I was in good hands. It is now 16 weeks after surgery and I feel great. I still have weight training at home and in a couple more months I should be back to full strength. Dr. Toman’s excellent skills, dedication and professionalism puts him at the top of my list for those who need the services of an Orthopedic Surgeon.

william luckay.


February 28 Dr. Toman replaced my left knee.I cut my grass 3 weeks later and on June 23 I caught this 30 inch Northern Pike in ELY,Min. Thanks
to Dr Chuck and PT

Rita Willing.


It’s been two months since my reverse shoulder replacement and my shoulder is pretty much back to normal. I can do most everything without difficulty and probably a few things I shouldn’t be doing yet. I have a few other joints that need fixing and Dr. Toman will be the one to do it. Previously I had never heard of reverse shoulder replacement. I am glad it was available for me. My previous surgeon kept telling me my shoulder was fine when in reality it could be better. Dr. Toman took care of everything. Great Job.