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Patient Testimonials

  • Rita Willing.

    Rita Willing.

    It’s been two months since my reverse shoulder replacement and my shoulder is pretty much back to normal. I can do most everything without difficulty and probably a few things I shouldn’t be doing yet. I have a few other joints that need fixing and Dr. Toman will be the one to do it. Previously I had never heard of reverse shoulder replacement. I am glad it was available for me. My previous surgeon kept telling me my shoulder was fine when in reality it could be better. Dr. Toman took care of everything. Great Job.

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  • Dan Topp.

    Dan Topp.

    I had been suffering with a bad shoulder for years, trying to play tennis, golf, plus daily activity and trying to suffer through the constant pain. Dr. Toman repaired my rotator cuff, repaired a bicep tendon tear and replaced my shoulder joint. I am 13 weeks out and have no pain plus nearly the same rotation as my other shoulder. I am just beginning strengthing exerciese and plan on being back on the tennis courts in the next 6 weeks. Dr. Toman did a super job as a surgeon and had a great bedside manner. I would like to thank Dr. Toman and Lawrence Martin (the physical therapist) for doing a great job.

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  • James Desmond.

    James Desmond.

    I am a Dr Toman Hip replacement patient. Last January I asked Dr Toman to repair a damaged hip. The repair gave me some improvement but did not reinstate a manageable quality of life. In July Dr Toman replaced the hip in a brief surgical procedure, five hours later the hospital physical therapist had me walking the halls for exercise. During this entire operation I had little if any discomfort,two weeks later I was back to a normal but cautious life with very little soreness. Dr Toman’s original January diagnosis was to replace the hip and he was absolutely correct. In my opinion Dr Toman is a skilled and gifted surgeon and I would recommend him without hesitation. His no nonsense approach makes this surgical decision understandable and easy for any patient. It is three weeks since my hip replacement and I am 90% back to a normal, comfortable, no pain lifestyle. I’m thrilled!

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  • Sarah Hamilton.

    Sarah Hamilton.

    I was living in almost constant pain in my left upper leg/ hip area. I was recommended to Dr. Toman by my family doctor, and I am so glad that I went to see him for he changed my life for the best. In late April of this year Dr.Toman did a total hip replacement on me and much to my surprise and his I had dysplasia.Dr.Toman stated that I had one of the worse hips he had seen in someone my age. I am now pain free and I am blessed to have a surgeon as talented and caring as Dr. Toman

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  • thomas croak.

    thomas croak.

    I have complete confidence in Dr. Toman’s ability as a surgeon.His expert staff is the best and he responded to my shoulder pain in rapid time. Iam recovering very well and looking forward to hitting the links very soon.

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  • Christopher H. Wolf.

    Christopher H. Wolf.

    Dr. Toman has treated me for two different conditions over the past 9 months: first for lower back pain and then for a rotary cuff tear. I was impressed from the start that Dr. Toman referred me to physical therapy for my lower back pain rather than jump right into surgery. My back is now pain free. The second problem, the rotary cuff tear required surgery. Dr. Toman had a frank discussion of what to expect after surgery. Dr. Toman did an excellent job and my recovery is coming along quicker than I expected. He has been open to answering all of my questions about my recovery process and has taken time to hear my concerns. I would recommend him to anyone who need to see an orthopedic doctor.

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  • gene shepelew.

    gene shepelew.

    I am 20 weeks post op from a rotator cuff surgery. The surgery and recovery has gone very well. I have been and continue to be extremely happy with the entire process that I have gone through. Dr. Toman has proved highly professional as he guided me through this experience. During each step of the way he explained accurately each plateau that I would be going through. He was truthful, accurate and compassionate. This is the doctor that I would highly reccommend..

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  • Genette Kurtz.

    Genette Kurtz.

    Dr. Toman and his staff cared for me prior and during my rotator surgery in April 2012. They are wonderful to work with and always treated me with much kindness and care. I would recommend anyone who needs an excellent orthopedic surgeon to consider Dr. Toman. Thanks to them I can return back to work knowing that I will be pain free once again.

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  • Katherine Crocker.

    Katherine Crocker.

    It is refreshing to visit with a doctor that takes the time to address your concerns while providing you with the various options available to you for your situation. I have had two surgeries with Dr. Toman, my knee and my ankle. Each time I have felt confident in the choice I made after reviewing all the options. Dr. Toman is a compassionate, caring and knowledgeable doctor that I will, without hesitation, seek out for any further orthopedic issue I may have in the future. Thank you Dr. Toman.

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  • Jacqueline Graffam.

    Jacqueline Graffam.

    I had my left shoulder replaced by another physician here in town. I have been to many physicians because I was unable to use my left arm .I was told to exercise it. I went to see Dr Toman M.D. .The first visit He did a examination me and took x-rays. He then told me I needed further surgery. The shoulder I had was not properly attached. I would have a possibility of multiple surgeries. May 29,2012 Dr.Toman told my family he was able to preform all the surgery in one surgery . As of 2 mo. post op. I am able to do more then I could in the past 4 yr’s ,with very little discomfort. My family and I could not thank Dr. Toman and staff for what have done for me. I am able to do my crafts the I have not been able to do for years. I would recommend Dr.Toman to anyone needing a Orthopedic.

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