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Patient Testimonials

  • Betty McKinney.

    Betty McKinney.

    At the age of 73, I was referred to Dr. Toman by my family physician because of severe pain in my right knee. I was told that Dr. Toman had an outstanding reputation as an orthopedic surgeon. At my first office visit xrays were taken and Dr. Toman was able to quickly and accurately diagnose the severity of my knee problem which called for computer-assisted full knee repalcement. The follow-on surgery went without a hitch and recovery took much less time because of the minimal invasive nature of his computer-assisted procedure. I have nothing but the highest praise for the professionalism and expertise of Dr. Toman and would recommend him above all others.

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  • Dolly Reed.

    Dolly Reed.

    I went to Dr. Toman on Dec,15 with my right knee really hurting. I had 4 cartilge operations on each knee before this. He said the knee has to be replaced and explained eveything to me. He did the surgery on December the 29th 2012. You won’t believe this but I was walking a 1/2 mile in 4 days. and in 2 weeks I hit my goal and dropped out therapy with his permission. I’ll tell you one thing if you do the exercises like your suppose to you will be well in no time. I also have to have the other knee done and guess what Dr. Toman will do the other one. I have had 3 back surgeries and have had several cortizone shots, nerve blocks and none of them helped. I went in about 5 weeks latter with terrible ziatica pain on the left side he had me stand up and move around untill I found the exact spot that hurt and gave me a shot and by that night the pain was gone then about 2 weeks latter it hit me in the right side and he did the same thing again on the right, that night the pain was gone. When I went back in I hugged his neck and told him he did a miracle on me with the shots when a neurosurgeon and an anethesiologist never ever helped me he was the first one to help. I appreciate him so much. He is such a caring and dedicating Doctor. Also so nice to his patients and does not rush any one. May God bless you and keep you Dr. Toman you have my greatest respect and thank you so much for what you have done for me. I will never forget you.

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  • Robert Mitchell.

    Robert Mitchell.

    I’d like to thank Dr. Toman for the excellent care I received. For one year, I suffered with an badly injured left elbow. A fall, along with rheumatoid arthritis, left my arm practically useless and painful. I had x-rays taken and an MRI performed. Three different Orthopedic Surgeons could not do anything for me. A therapist then suggested I see Dr. Toman. On my first visit and exam, Dr. Toman recommended surgery to repair various problems with my elbow. Now, just 7 weeks after surgery and therapy, I have regained the use of my arm. My wife and I would like to say “Thank You” to Dr. Toman, his Staff and the Physical Therapy Staff for their excellent care. I am very pleased with the treatment I received and would highly recommend the Doctor to anyone requiring orthopedic care.

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  • James Barton.

    James Barton.

    Like many people, I retired to Florida and shortly thereafter, I found myself in need of an orthopedic surgeon. I was diagnosed with a tear in my shoulder muscle, which required surgery. Fortunately for me, my primary care physician recommended Dr. Toman. Dr. Toman was able to provide me with a detailed explanation of the procedure, as well as the time line associated with the short-term and long-term recovery periods. In addition, he set realistic goals for the future. Dr. Toman is the complete package – an excellent surgeon who builds confidence through his ability to explain away any concerns that a patient may have. Dr. Toman was, and is, a true pleasure to have as a partner in ones personal health program.

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  • Shirley Lawrence.

    Shirley Lawrence.

    On Feb. 28th Dr.Toman did a complete total reverse shoulder replacement and three months later after home terapy and in office therapy and am now on my own for personal therapy. I was in pain 24/7 prior to surgery and now am totally out of pain. It will require doing my therapy myself for another six months but no problem feeling as good as I do. He is a special persona;ity together with a great doctor.

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  • James Serico.

    James Serico.

    I had been experiencing severe pain in my left hip for the past three and a half years after injuring it playing volleyball. I had tried physical therapy and other methods to alleviate the pain with no success. I was reffered to Dr. Toman and he performed a hip arthroscopy on me. I am only 7 weeks after surgery and still in the healing process but I can already stand for longer and do things I couldnt do prior to this surgery. Dr. Toman and his staff were very attentive and helpful through it all. I want to say thank you Dr. Toman for restoring my hip and helping me back to an active lifestyle !

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  • Bill Rose.

    Bill Rose.

    Rotator Cuff repair: Had surgery 12 days ago. Surgery was fairly easy, needed pain meds for the first 24 hrs with Tylenol for the next three days. Started PT three days after surgery Lawerence is a motivator and takes time to describe why the execises are needed to get the arm mobile. Coby (Dr Tomans right hand) is able to work magic in the office as support staff and as a medical professional. Should another Orthropedic incident occur I would not hesitate to use Dr. Tomans services again. After viewing his videos and first hand knowledge Dr. Toman is very gifted as a surgeon. The only drawback is that you need to be careful of some insurance claims. Even though Dr. Tomans practice is covered through insurance, The Phisical Therapy office may not be covered. Thank you very much Dr. Toman and Staff

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  • Jerrilyn Martin.

    Jerrilyn Martin.

    Thank you Dr. Toman! Having previously gone to Dr. Toman for knee surgery, which was successful, there was no doubt that I would return to him when I needed rotator cuff surgery. Being two weeks post-op I feel as though my recuperation is positive, and Dr. Toman continues to be very caring and compassionate in my recovery. With minimal invasive surgery, my recover time, I’m sure will be shorter. Dr. Toman always takes his time to explain what he did during surgeries and also takes time to answer any questions you may have, either prior or after surgery. I have recommended Dr. Toman to my friends, who are in need of good, personal and professional care.

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  • George Psillos.

    George Psillos.

    My husband was operated on May 16th by Dr Toman for a knee problem and we cant be more pleased with the outcome. Dr,Toman is highly professional as his staff. But he also makes you feel that you are not just a patient . He takes the time to explain before and after the procedure what to expect .We will again use Dr. Toman for all our orthopedic procedures.We have recommended him to all our friends. Thank you again Dr. Toma

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  • Carol Colicchio.

    Carol Colicchio.

    My left hip and knee had been very painful for over two years before I met Dr. Toman. Previously, I had seen two other orthopedic doctors in Pt. Charlotte who could not figure out what was wrong with my hip/knee. In addition, I was told that my weight and my age(45) made the situation even more complicated. Each of them told me to find another orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Toman not only knew what was wrong but actually debrided and repaired my hip socket, bursa, IT band and my knee through surgical procedures that did not require replacements. For the first time in years I am pain free and am confident that after I finish physical therapy I will have complete range of motion of my leg again.

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