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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

  • Rolf Andersen.

    Rolf Andersen.

    After suffering for months with shoulder pain and not being able to do all the things that I like to do, I was referred to Dr. Toman for an initial MRI. Dr. Toman determined that I had torn my rotator cuff and other shoulder tendons. The surgery was minimally invasive and there is vertually no scaring. The physical therapy was performed at the same location as Dr. Toman’s office by Lawrence Martin, which simplified my recovery. I would recomend Dr. Toman to anyone who is suffering needlessly with joint pain or impaired lifestyle.

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  • Steve krankoski.

    Steve krankoski.

    Dr. Toman was great. I went for an office visit, he told me what was wrong( torn meniscus), how to fix it and how long it would take to recover. The only thing he was wrong about was the recovery time. He said a few weeks, but here is the real story. I had surgery on Wed. And it hurt Wed and Thurs. by Fri I was getting around pretty good with no pain meds. By Sat my wife had to tie an anchor to me to keep me from over doing it. Sunday I went on a 8 mile bike ride with no pain just a little discomfort. I am 52 years old and I was well enough to bike ride in just 4 days. My only regret was waiting 3 weeks to go see Dr. Toman. I would recommend Dr. Toman to anyone.

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  • John Meikle.

    John Meikle.

    Dr. Toman is an excellent Doctor and one I would highly recommend. I had shoulder surgery (rotator cuff) and was very pleased with the professionalism he and his staff portrayed throughout the entire process. He was referred to me by my Florida physician and I am grateful that he was the one that performed my operation. Everything went well and I am almost fully recovered after a few months.

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  • Renee Morea.

    Renee Morea.

    I would like to take this time to thank Dr. Toman and his staff for all they have done for me. The hip surgery & Labral repair and Rotator Cuff repair he performed on me made my life so much better. Dr. Toman is a wonderful human being so dedicated, and a compassionate person to his patients. He takes the time to explain each procedure and answers each question throughly. We are very greatful to have him and best of all he is a Sicilian like me.

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  • Jon Miller.

    Jon Miller.

    Dr. Toman performed a Labral Repair & Joint Preservation of my left hip in April 2011. I had suffered a fall over a year earlier, & thought I was simply dealing with arthritis pain. Over a period of time, my hip began to lock up, & I was convinced to see a doctor when the locking followed with sharp pain & swelling. Thanks to Dr. Toman’s same day surgical procedure, my hip has been preserved, & I am physically active with little discomfort. Thanks, Dr. Toman!

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  • Richard Gore.

    Richard Gore.

    Dr. Toman performed surgery on my elbow one week ago, removing a fractured bone spur, bursa, and repairing a partially torn tricep tendon. Except for the first two days after surgery, the pain has been minimal. I don’t even have to do physical therapy. I also cannot say enough about the staff at Gulf Pointe Surgery Center, they are wonderful.

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  • Bob Smaltz.

    Bob Smaltz.

    Dr. Toman performed arthroscopic surgery on my right knee for a torn miniscus in January 2012. After a few weeks of physical therapy, I was back playing golf 4 weeks after surgery. After 8 weeks I had zero pain and 100% use of my knee. Dr. Toman was efficient, thorough and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Toman as an orthopedic surgeon.

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  • Valerie Owen.

    Valerie Owen.

    On January 31st I had a total hip replacement done by Dr. Toman. I came home from the hospital On Feb. 3, put the walker away and did not use it again. The surgery went great. I had said I would never do surgery, but after this episode, would not hesitate to have him do any surgery that I might need in the future… I have raved about him to everyone I know and I sincerely think he is the best… the very best. Thank you Dr. Toman for my total new titanium hip…. gotta love it….

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  • Theresa Townsend.

    Theresa Townsend.

    My thanks to Dr Toman and his staff for the excellant care I received for a rotar cuff repair. I had gone to him originally for a second opion and chose him to be my Dr. He was kind, caring, knowledgeable and did a great job. I was very happy with everyone involved. Also I must say ladies he and his staff of male nurses are VERY easy on the eyes as well. I would highly recommend him and his office. Thanks again.

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  • Rich Strong.

    Rich Strong.

    This year I had to make a decision to find a competent Doctor to repair my Torn Rotator Cuff. Since I retired here 15 years ago, I’ve always had problems finding competent medical help. Coming from Cleveland Ohio a location which had some of the best medical facilities in the country, I expected and was used to top quality medical treatment. I found such quality in Dr. Toman. My surgery was February 9th of this year for a torn rotator cuff. While performing the surgery, Dr. Toman also noticed many other repairs were needed as I tore more than what was initially known. Dr. Toman repaired it all with precision and professionalism I’ve come to expect. Dr. Toman does not rest on his laurels, but continues to strive to be the best he can be which transfers to us, his patients. I would highly recommend him, and his staff, to Anyone. I could not find the slightest fault with his treatment if my life depended on it. He is your Go To Doctor for Orthopedic surgery.

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