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Patient Testimonials

  • Doug Kitzmiller.

    Doug Kitzmiller.

    I’m a helicopter flight instructor, so use of both hands is imperative. When movement of my left shoulder became restricted; flying was difficult. Dr. Toman replaced the shoulder & now the pain is gone & the joy of flying is back. Doug Kitzmiller

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  • Ron McGuire.

    Ron McGuire.

    I have experienced knee problems since an injury 25 years ago while playing tennis. I have continued to play tennis as well as frequent jogging. I knew I was in need of a replacement for my right knee. I was familiar with the tradiyional approach and dreaded the long recovery period. A friend told me about a new technique used by Dr. Toman do replace his knee and the shorter recovery time. I had an appointm,ent with Dr. Toman and after learning about the technique he used I had knee replacement performed in July of 2011. The surgery went well. I was walking in a very short time without auds and with good rehab and exercise started to play easy tennis after 4 weeks and was back to 3 times a week after 5 months without pain. Its been great. When my other knee is ready for replacement, which won’t be too long, I’ll definitely be back to see Dr. Toman.

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  • Lyle Friddle.

    Lyle Friddle.

    Can thank you ever be enough? Dr. Toman Operated on my fractured hip. Im 90 years old and in three short months, due to his knowledge, skill and caring. I was back on my feet again.

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  • Anne Sawney.

    Anne Sawney.

    Six months since my right rotator cuff surgery and I am very happy with the outcome on my first visit to Dr Toman I knew he was the doctor who was going to give me freedom with my hand.He engageg me with the results of the MRI and explained the procedure in details.I was fortunate to have had a dedicated and caring surgeon.Before my surgery I could not comb my hair now I can use my hand to do any and eyerything without pain Dr Toman gave me my freedom back.Iwould like to thank him very muchfor his dedication and execelence and wish him the best in his profession.God bless.

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  • Patricia J. Smith.

    Patricia J. Smith.

    Dr. Toman performed arthascopic surgery on my right knee 5 weeks ago and with a little bit of physical thrapy(5 treatments) I am doing great. Dr. Toman is a excellant surgeon and a very compassionate human being!!

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  • Les Hickman.

    Les Hickman.

    I injured my right shoulder in about 1999 or 2000. I put off having surgery for many years, but after about 12 years of the shoulder getting worse & worse, I decided to consult a doctor. Dr. Toman was recommended by a friend. I was not sure if he would even want anything to do with me. I have had some major health issues over the past 11 years. I have been extremely fortunate over the years in having the best medical care provided to me. Dr. Toman is certainly not the exception. Upon coming back to reality in the recovery room, there were 7 (tiny) puncture wounds over my right shoulder. Dr. Toman confided in me I had one of the worse rotator cuff tears he had worked on. With that thought in mind, I have made a remarkable recovery. I had the surgery on August 18, 2011. I am writing this on January 23, 2012. Without exaggeration, I have almost identical range of motion with each shoulder. With all the research I have done, both before and after the procedure, satisfaction is not the adjective that comes to mind; amazement fits much better. Thanks to Dr. Toman, waxing my boat (among other things) is going to be a much easier task. I just finished giving my 700 sq. ft. dock the 2nd coat of stain/sealer using a roller on a stick. My health issues have not stopped me, it just takes a little longer to do things. Dr. Toman returned my shoulder to where I was several years ago. Dr. Toman; thank you. I do not see how this surgery could have been any more of a success.

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  • Christina Loges.

    Christina Loges.

    My husband and I moved to the Port Charlotte area in May of 2011. During the moving process I injured my right hip. I limped through the summer with increasing pain. Worried that I would need a hip replacement, I persevered with the pain. In early September our new neighbor had some arthroscopic work done on his knee by Dr. Toman. After hearing about the personal care and professional service he received I knew it was time to swallow my fear and seek Dr. Toman’s help. My MRI showed that a hip replacement was not necessary. He told me I was too young for that! I totally agreed with him. (I’m 59.) I was scheduled for an arthroscopic repair of a torn Labrum. During the surgery he found more damage than expected. He was able to put me back together. When I went back for my 2 week check up I was 95 percent pain free. I am now 6 weeks post-op and 4 weeks into therapy. I am working with the wonderful staff at SOS regaining the range of motion I lost while I was in so much pain. I’m looking forward to resuming my normal activities without pain. Dr. Toman has given me a new lease on life. I would like to tell anyone who is hesitant about surgery like I was , DON’T PUT IT OFF. The sooner you see Dr. Toman, the sooner you can start really living your life again. He is a very caring man and an excellent physician. He is surrounded by a wonderful office staff. They are helpful and very hardworking.

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  • Kathy Appel.

    Kathy Appel.

    I am 6 weeks post-op from my hip arthrscopy labral repair and femoral and acetabul osteochondroplasty surgery by Dr. Toman and I am feeling 90% better. After 10 yrs of pain from crossing my ankles/legs and restless nights sleeping on my side, I’ve been able to say I’m feeling better everyday and I’m walking with no walker/crutches. I would also like to THANK Dr. Toman and his staff. PT Lawrance, Theresa and their staff for all their help. Six more weeks of therapy. Counting down to 12wk post-op visit Dr. Toman. I have been telling everyone about you and how great I’m feeling. Thanks again.

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  • Janna Bates.

    Janna Bates.

    I am a 66 yr old active female and now 4 months post surgery. I had a 100% torn rotator cuff. I heard all the scary stories about the pain and no results, but the option of not having mobility in the arm made me not hesitate to have the surgery right away. Dr. Toman did a great job. I was diligent about my exercises, and physical therapy. I can move my arm again above my head, take of my shirt over my head. I’m back to lifting light weights. I go on our sailboat (37ft) and can help with raising sails, tailing ropes, lifting etc. Keep up the exercises forever and mobility and strength will return. I Just have one small scar, even though I had 5 anchors put in. Don’t let this procedure scare you. The combination of a great doctor and hard work on your part will give great results. My shoulder feels 90/95% better than before the operation.

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  • Patricia Hodgkins.

    Patricia Hodgkins.

    Eight weeks ago Dr. Toman performed a right hip replacement for me. From the moment I awoke, I felt so much better than I did prior to the operation. And now I am exercising and walking sometimes with a cane, but often unaided. Dr. Toman and his skills are an answer to prayer.

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