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Patient Testimonials

  • Bernadette Farrell.

    Bernadette Farrell.

    I am 5 weeks post op and already feel like a new person. Prior to surgery I had tremendous pain and at times couldn’t walk, sleep or sit. Dr. Toman performed Hip Scope Surgery on my right hip. It was necessary for him to repair a tear and reshape the bone. I can’t be more pleased ! Dr. Toman has been blessed with his medical knowledge and skills. I was blessed to have him perform a miracle on me. Dr.Toman is a very personable Doctor. I highly recommend anyone in need of similar surgery to contact Dr. Toman.

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  • John Witz.

    John Witz.

    After suffering with decreased left shoulder range of motion and increasing pain, I underwent a brief period of physical therapy as prescribed by my family doctor. When this failed to improve my shoulder situation, my doctor highly recommended I contact Dr. Toman. After meeting with Dr. Toman and his staff and undergoing a thorough assessment, my choices were limited. After two previous major surgeries on my spine(not by Dr. Toman)in the past two years, the last thing I wanted to consider was another trip to an operating room. After several visits with Dr. Toman, we determined that I would need a complete shoulder replacement and repair of the rotator cuff. Dr. Toman explained what he would have to do and what I could expect after the surgery. It has now been approx. 3 months since the surgery and I am glad that I decided to proceed. Dr. Toman and his staff, the hospital staff and follow-up care has been first rate with a emphasis on my well being and recovery. I have been very impressed with the entire process and would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Toman to anyone who is facing the difficult decision of shoulder surgery.

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  • Brad Norton.

    Brad Norton.

    Dr Charles Toman did arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder July, 24th 2011. That puts me about 15 weeks post surgery. I have not felt this good in almost 6 years. I broke my shoulder and must have torn my rotator cuff in my pre teen years; I am now 45 years old. Many years of wear and tear made it worse. I will never forget when Dr Toman looked at the MRI; he said this is the worse rotator I have ever seen. He explained to me what my options were and what to expect. I can without a doubt HIGHLY recommend Dr Toman. The sling is very uncomfortable, but the end result has been nothing but amazing. I cannot thank these people enough: Thank You Dr Toman and your entire staff. Brad Norton North Port

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  • Sara Sue Foster.

    Sara Sue Foster.

    Dr Toman and his staff are the best. I had a problem with my knee and at seventy was afraid, if I did not stay active, that my life span would be shortened. After my surgery, I was up walking in two days with no pain. The joint was only alittle sore. I am back to doing all the activities that I did before I injured my knee.

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  • Tom Scott.

    Tom Scott.

    Having friends who’d undergone rotator cuff surgery and talked about after-surgery pain,I was apprehensive when faced with my own. However, immediately after my own rotator cuff surgery, when asked by my home health care nurse what my pain level was, I had to say it was only a 2 on a level of 1 to 10. The nurse said “All of Dr Toman’s patients have minimal pain.” After 4 months I’ve been able to return to playing drums and most of my normal activities. As we’d say in New York, “The Guy is Good!”.

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  • Sandra Dressler.

    Sandra Dressler.

    I am new to Florida and it took me three tries to find a great doctor; that great doctor is Dr Toman. I have severe knee arthritis. My first two Florida orthopedic physicians were satisfied with just treating the symptoms with shots and pills instead of trying to solve the problem. On my first visit, Dr Toman asked me what I wanted.For the first time I felt like a real partner in my treatment plan. Dr Toman and his team do a great job. It is obvious that they all take pride in their work. They are dedicated and caring. I am now 3 weeks post arthroscopic knee surgery and I’m feeling great. Surgery and recovery went exactly as Dr Toman explained it. I am really happy with my progress. I would recommend Dr Toman to anyone who wants a caring, dedicated, and very skilled orthopedic physician. BRAVO Dr Toman and your team!

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  • Susan Goode.

    Susan Goode.

    At 45 years old I told my boys to watch the Old Lady ski one more time and never again. Never say never! Having lead a very active varied life, I came to Dr. Toman and his team to help alleviate my chronic shoulder pain. After determining, explaining and following a treatment plan, from non-invasive as possible to ‘Oh well!” he performed surgery and after the expected recuperation period. Let me just add, Surgery in December, knee-boarding in September at the ripe old age of 58 (almost 59)!!! Never say Never thanks to Dr. Toman and his team.

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  • Loretta Armstrong.

    Loretta Armstrong.

    I am 45 years old and had 2 problems. A left shoulder torn rotor cuff & a right hip torn labrum. I had the shoulder surgery in Oct. 2010 & the hip surgery in March 2011, both by laparoscope. The recover time from the surgeries was easier than I thought & Dr. Toman call the night of each surgery to see how I was doing. He is a very caring & talented doctor. The staff & thearpy staff are all wonderful people to work with.

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    If you are consideringorthoscopic surgery for a torn rotator cuff, I recommend Dr. Charles Toman. I had extensive surgery on Feb 3,2011, following his directions after 3 months I have excellent movement in my right arm. Dr. Toman has a physical therapy service on site. Lawerence martin, director gives positive, encourging treatment. Carol Kozoman

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  • Mary Kay Hawkshead.

    Mary Kay Hawkshead.

    I consulted with Dr.Toman in January of 2011 for constant right shoulder pain. Having had 5 major orthopedic surgeries since 2006, I was definitely not wanting to hear that my shoulder joint was destroyed by osteoarthritis as well as a rotator cuff tear, and I was in need of a total shoulder replacement. Dr. Toman took every precaution before surgery, as I had an extensive bone infection (osteomyelitis)last year. To prepare me for surgery, he referred me to the infectious disease physician who had treated the previous bone infection. After a thorough work-up and several weeks of daily IV antibiotics, I was declared ready for the surgery which was performed in March of this year. Since then I have been in physical therapy, and have made a marvelous recovery. Last week, 8/5/11 I saw Dr Toman for a checkup, and requested xrays of my left shoulder. This time it’s only a torn rotator cuff and bone spurs, and I have no anxiety about having Dr. Toman perform another procedure on me. I have been an RN for 38 years and rarely complement any physician for job performance. I told him that he was the best of any orthopedic Dr. I had ever worked with or been treated by. Let me add that 10 minutes before the surgery, I actually threatened him with bodily harm if he left me with a large, ugly scar on my shoulder. The scar is barely noticeable. It’s a girl thing. “Vanity thy name is woman”. Kudos to Dr. Toman.

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