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Patient Testimonials

  • Connie Huffman.

    Connie Huffman.

    I would like to commend Dr Toman on the excellent surgery he did for me. I am very happy with my experience with Dr Tomanand would recommend him highly to anyone needing Orthopedic Care.

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  • Jean Ringelstein.

    Jean Ringelstein.

    Before surgery, I had terrible pain in my hip and leg due to a torn tendon/ligament. Dr. Toman with his scope procedure was able to put things right and I have been pain-free ever since. I’ve graduated from the walker (5 weeks) to a cane, now into my 4th week. All is well and I am walking almost normally. His therapy regimen was of great help; I followed it to the letter. All is well and I feel much younger than my 80 years. Many thanks to Dr. Toman for his care.

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  • Jess Blanton.

    Jess Blanton.

    Dr. Toman repaired a torn rotator cuff August 25, 2011. Since he repaired my wife’s rotator cuff the year before, I knew what to expect. Within a few hours, I came home and took the pain medication before experiencing any pain. This kept the real pain away. Wearing the arm sling 24/7,and not being able to get comfortable in bed the first week were my biggest problems. But that soon passed and I went for therapy and did my exercises at home. Like my wife, I recovered very well and now I am able to use my arm and shoulder more & more without much discomfort and expect a full recovery within the year from the surgery. We are fortunate to have Dr. Toman in Charlotte County and we both highly recommend him to anyone in need of orthopedic care. He is highly skilled and trained to operate in the least invasive manner; thus, one has a quicker recovery, and less chance of infections or complications. Thank you, Dr. Toman and staff, for taking excellent care of us.

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  • Ruth Blanton.

    Ruth Blanton.

    Dr. Toman repaired a torn rotator cuff for me, Ruth, in May 2010. Surgery was at one o’clock in the afternoon and I was home at five same afternoon. He instructed me to go home and take some pain medication before I experienced any pain. I did this a couple days and never had any real pain. The most uncomfortable part is not being able to lie down the first week or so, and having to wear the arm sling 24/7 for a month. But that and going to therapy and doing exercises at home is all worth it to be free of pain and to be able to use my shoulder and arm again freely without any discomfort. Dr. Toman is a very skilled surgeon and is very caring. He expects and demands the best for his patients. Thank you Dr. Toman.

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  • David F. Laurenti.

    David F. Laurenti.

    Look no further, you found him; the best orthopedic surgeon in our area. Once you get to know the doctor and his staff you will be put at ease knowing you made the right decision and have a competent team that are the best at what they do. That in it self is a major release of your stress and worry knowing you are in good hands. I am a 62 year old paraplegic who as you can imagine must rely on the use of my arms all day every day. Suffering in pain for such a long time and seeing numerous doctors, specialist and alternative medicine sources I was lucky to find doctor Toman. On my first visit he told me what my problem was and sent me for an MRI. On my second visit he showed me exactly what my problem was and what he could do for me. My left rotator cuff had two severally torn ligaments and a completely torn bicep muscle. All the time I spent suffering and all the money I spent seeing so many others seeking some relief and all they did was prescribe addicting narcotic pain killers. We are all so very, very fortunate to have someone like doctor Toman in our area, because he addresses the problem instead of treating the symptoms. His waiting room seems small probably because there are always so many patients waiting to see him, but once you enter the exam room area it is spacious, clean and well organized with a staff of knowledgeable employees all working together as a team to make your visit as quick and pleasant as possible. If you need assistance outside their office such as rehabilitation or a referral they will assist you with the best our area has to offer. I’ve seen the rest and he’s the best!

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  • Ron Chandler.

    Ron Chandler.

    I want to thank Dr. Toman for his skill and care he gave during my recent total knee replacement.My surgery went better than I ever expected.Within 3 weeks I was walking without any assistance and very little discomfort.My scaring is very minimal.He is a great Dr.

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  • Manny Bordonaro.

    Manny Bordonaro.

    After reading all the testimonials there is only one thing left, he is fantastic!!!!!

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  • Rainer Lapp.

    Rainer Lapp.

    In march of this year 2011 I had my right shoulder replaced. Prior to that I had constant pain in my shoulder esp. at night, the pain seemed to never stop. First I tried physical therapy, which improved it a little bit, than I tried shots with temperary better results, till finally I decided to have my shoulder replaced. Since than my shoulder has been pain free and 8 month after the op. I have about 80% of my original movements back. At the time of my operation I had also rotator cup repair, which slowed down my recovery. Overall I think the operation was a huge success and I hope in a couple of months I be back to 100%.

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  • Henry Jovanelly.

    Henry Jovanelly.

    I am 68 years old and had a total hip replacement performed by Dr. Toman approx. one year ago. My experience with Dr. Toman and his staff has been excellent. The care and consideration given me has been exceptional. Dr. Toman always takes the time to explain everything before and after surgery. He is a very thorough and caring doctor. I had no idea how much pain I was experiencing before I had this procedure. I now have full movement without pain and exercise at a local health club at least three times a week. The new hip also made a big difference in my mental outlook, as I don’t feel as old as I did before. I highly recommend Dr. Toman and would be pleased to discuss my experience with anyone who is considering this procedure.

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  • Nancy Perkins.

    Nancy Perkins.

    I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee on October 12, 2011. It was done with a local anesthetic at a local surgery center and I was home in four hours. I was able to drive in less than a week!! I did PT twice a week for 4 weeks and did very well. There was very little pain and Dr. Toman’s skill is awesome!! I have already recommended him to a friend. Thank you Dr. Toman and my PT, Theresa Martin.

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