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Patient Testimonials

  • Elizabeth Reihner.

    Elizabeth Reihner.

    I’d like to thank Dr.Toman & his Staff for all the care I recived.I had Surgery on my Rotator Cuff & when doing Surgery found two Spurs which he removed also.The Surgery was a sucess.Still doing PT & all is going well. Thanks again Dr. Toman

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  • Pam Tackett.

    Pam Tackett.

    I would like to first start off by saying that Dr. Toman & his staff are just awesome! His front desk staff & Colby are the best team hands down. I met Dr. Toman after requesting a second opinion after an unfortunate fall on of all days, Halloween. I knew I had broken my arm and ended up going to another doctor that was in my insurance plan. The first doctor just told me that I needed surgery but didn�t explain why other than to say that I would have arthritis if I didn�t. I am so glad that I asked for that second opinion and that the insurance sent me to see Dr. Toman. Dr Toman sat down with me and explained why I needed the surgery. If not I would lose the mobility of my arm. We scheduled the surgery on Nov. 17th and once he got in there he discover I had done more damage than originally thought. I went through physical therapy for a couple of months and I am proud to say that 5 months after the surgery I have 99% use of my left arm! I will and have recommend Dr. Toman and his excellent staff and will continue to do so. You keep a good thing when you find it.

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  • karl.


    hello, my name is karl. dr,toman is a great doctor, but the best thing about him is, he talk’s to you like a person. he will give you the best info; on what you need done. you can see that he really care’s about you,& what he doe’s best. take,s care of you & your need,s. thank you dr, for helping me.

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  • michelle holder.

    michelle holder.

    Dr. Toman’s expertise in anterior supine intramuscular hip arthroplasty which I underwent on march 8th 2012 has had almost miraculus results for me. I am a 77 yr. old cancer survivor, diabetic cardiac pt .AND WAS VERY APPREHENSIVE about more surgery. I truly believe Dr.Toman’s unique surgicl methods have speeded my recovery as I have resumed my normal activities after only five weeks. sincerely michelle Holder

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    Everything went well. Just as described. Would do it again if needed. I am 71 and walking like I was 20.

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  • Aquilla Kanagy.

    Aquilla Kanagy.

    I want to thank Dr.Toman for my total right hip replacement in 2011; it was just great, and I have no pain. Dr.Toman’s staff is very professional and very kind. Again thank you.

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  • Gary Stoken.

    Gary Stoken.

    I had a complete tendon tear in my bicep that I chose not to repair for almost a year…when I did decide to repair my injury Dr. Toman was very highly recommended…and now I can see why…I am 3 months post operation…and I am at about 75% full strength and full capacity for movement and mobility…Doc Toman has an impecable bedside manor and was at my side everystep of the way…if you need any type of medical work in his field…there is no other choice than Doc Toman!

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  • Lori burgess.

    Lori burgess.

    I want to thank dr toman, he did hip surgery on both of my hips. I was in so much pain for many years other drs just gave me cortisone shots never really looked in to why I had so much pain. Dr Toman did surgery and found that both of my labrums where torn. My first surgery was done in dec. 2011 I really didn’t have any pain after surgery, so I had the other one done march 2012 and again no pain. The only thing that I have to complain about is THE WALKER, four weeks with it. I also want to thank Dr Tomans staff Linda at the front desk mad me feel welcome, Coby Dr Tomans asst. I just can’t say enought good things about him, Jackie set everything up for me for the surgery, and Diane when I left made my appt for the next visit. Everyone of them are great Dr Toman should be very happy he has such a great staff. Thank you all again Lori Burgess

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  • Kay Hoffman.

    Kay Hoffman.

    After 3-4 years of interupted sleep and pain when sitting on the couch, doctor referred me to Dr. Toman. He preformed arthroscopic surgery on my hip Feb. 23, 2012. Five weeks later I am walking without a limp and am pain free. My quality of life has improved by 100%. I can’t thank Dr. Toman enough.

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  • Dan Intile.

    Dan Intile.

    I’m 4 months post op. Dr. Toman performed a total hip replacement using an anterior approach. I understand this procedure is rather new & not many Orthos feel confident enough to use this procedure. Having had a resurfacing of my other hip 3 years ago, I can testify that the post op recovery this time was a lot easier. In fact, it took me almost a month to stop using a walker after the resurfacing, whereas I stopped using a walker after 1 week this time. I’ve had many experiences with physicians over the last 72 years & no physician ( not even my brother Joe – Joseph A. Intile, M.D. ) has expressed so much concern for my well being. When a doctor enters the exam room on one’s first visit and says “hi, my name is Chuck”, one knows that this doctor is someone special. Thanks Dr. Toman ( I’m old school & wouldn’t use his first name out of respect ) for all you have done. Dan Intile

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