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Patient Testimonials

  • Cori Abbott.

    Cori Abbott.

    I have used Dr. Toman for a very long time. He’s a really good surgeon! Im a 16 year old high school and competitive cheerleader so I get injured a lot. I had surgery on my left ankle about 2 years ago and he was the only doctor who believed that something was wrong and fix it. I re-injured the ankle a year later so he went back in and cleaned it up. I recently hurt my left knee and back to Dr. Toman I went. I have been doing a lot better since he fixed everything. I would highly recommend him for anyone!

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  • Caleb Abbott.

    Caleb Abbott.

    I could not be more satisfied with the work Dr. Toman has done on me. I am a recent graduate of high school and Dr. Toman has extensively repaired each of my shoulders after both, my junior and senior years after each football season. Physical Therapy was rough but, I’ve had no complications at all, and could not be happier. He’s also a great friend. :)

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  • Bob Lumsden.

    Bob Lumsden.

    Dr. Toman performed a knee replacement revision on May 22, 2012 and the surgery went smooth, follow-up was thorough and now about six weeks later I am progressing very well thanks to his care and the physical therapy. I also want to compliment Fawcett Hospital for an incredible, positive professional but personal experience. My first knee replacement was in Atlanta, Ga in 2009 and when we moved to Punta Gorda to see Dr. Toman I had not only lived through the years of pain leading to a knee replacement but nothing but pain following my first knee replacement. He was prepared for many different options during surgery because with a knee revision you do not always know what you will find. Short story, he fixed the problem and now I have confidence that in time I will have a nearly normal, pain free knee. I realize this will take time and I play a big role in doing what you need to do in recovery. Being an active person, having a normal knee is not only important to my physical health but my mental health as well. My wife, Sallie is also a patient, and progressing towards a solution with her tennis elbow. We have 100% confidence in Dr. Toman and his team.

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  • David Summerfelt.

    David Summerfelt.

    I had total left shoulder replacemenmt on June 5th 2012. Today is July 6th 2012 and I really feel like a new man. I still have some healing to do but the best thing the pain that I had prior to the procedure is gone. Dr Toman did a great job and Iwill see him again if I ever need to see an Orthopedic Surgeon.

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  • Julius Orban.

    Julius Orban.

    Dr Toman performed surgery on my rotator cuff, which was pretty badly mangled. I had a minimum amount of discomfort during the recovery period and I am happy to say today it is well fully functional and pain free. I’ve recomended Dr Toman to a friend and he is equally pleased with his work. Thank you Dr Toman

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  • Cheryl Crawford.

    Cheryl Crawford.

    Dr. Toman performed my total knee replacement on May 1. While I am not fully healed internally 2 mos. later, I am doing wonderfully. Most are in awe at how fast I am recovering and how well my incision looks compared to their own. After in-home physical therapy with Senior Home Care, I started had more excellent therapy at the Green Rehab Center which will probably end this week. I have reached 130 degree bend and straightens to 0 degrees. I am finally able to sleep thru the night without discomfort. I need to keep working to gain more strength and retain flexibility. I am very pleased with Dr. Tomans’ skill and will want him to be the surgeon to replace my right knee next spring.

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  • Robert C. Lehman.

    Robert C. Lehman.

    Having had a failed back surgery in 2006 in Ft. Myers, Fl. I was very hesitant when told by several doctors that my right hip was “bone on bone” – the reason for so much pain. This time I was determined to do my homework in choosing the “best” orthopedic surgeon around. With the recommendation of my primary care doctor, previous patients of Dr. Toman, and by reading of his training and previous successes, I chose to have Dr. Toman replace my right hip with the anterior procedure he has perfected. It is now approximately 3 months post-op. There is absolutely no pain in my hip, my right leg is lengthened with no need for orthodics, no pronating to the right which affected my knees. I have a new lease on life, am riding a bike, doing light workouts in the gym, and intend to go back to playing golf soon – which I love. Thank you Dr. Toman, my wife and I feel like you are not only a wonderful surgeon, but a friend. God’s Blessings to you as you continue to help others like myself.

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  • Marsha Wanza.

    Marsha Wanza.

    I want to thank Dr. Toman and the whole staff for the wonderful care that you gave me and my husband through all my visits and my shoulder surgery. You are an awesome group of people and although I’ll miss coming in to see you all I really don’t want to hurt myself again!

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  • Joyce Anglada.

    Joyce Anglada.

    I am a 76yrs old satisfied patient of Dr Toman. Fell, broke hip 3/27/2012. Thanks to Dr Toman’s education, training and experience my operation is a testimony to all who know me. I have compared my new hip to others of same operation and believe me there is a definite difference in standing, walking, and getting up out of a chair, plus sitting for any length of time. I am a Jehovah’s witness and he also respected that with….no blood and cell saver. He truly is a caring Dr. to put your trust in. He is on my Priority list of Doctors.

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  • Jane Teachout.

    Jane Teachout.

    Dr. Toman is a great doctor and a wonderful surgeon. In June 2012 Dr. Toman did my hip surgery, before the surgery it hurt with my every monvement and no matter where I sat or how long I sat it was just painful. Before I had surgery I had to have a special lift on my shoe so I could walk as comfortable (as I could), now Dr. Toman gave me back almost, if not all, of my length of my leg. It has only been a couple of weeks since my surgery and I feel great, I can do things that I had not been able to do in a long time. I want to THANK Dr. Toman for giving me back my life! I would definitely reccommend Dr. Toman to anyone. Thank You!!!

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